This will be the first of several posts I do on politics.

Wait for it….wait…..”Oooh…he didn’t just say politics did he?  I’m sure he’ll step on some toes with that subject”.

That’s right perceptive readers, I will be blogging about one of most divisive topics in America today.  For this post I’d like to focus on political parties.


I believe every voter can be lumped into one of three categories.  Here they are:

1.  Zealot:  Believes whatever their political party says is true.  Always votes along party lines.

2.  Loyalist:  Almost exclusively votes along party lines.  Does not agree 100% with the party on every issue but is unwilling to publicly announce this.

3.  Individual:  Votes based on the particulars of the situation irregardless of which party the candidate belongs to.

From my experience most people in America today would fall under the loyalist classification which is why there is so much division in our government. I know some people extremely dedicated to one party who on occasion will let slip an opinion that is clearly being voiced by the opposing party.  Don’t try to point it out to them because they wont believe it.  I have more admiration for the Zealot who blindly follows their party but does it faithfully then I do the Loyalist.  Personally I think the Individual deserves the most respect because they vote based on how well the individual will do.


What do I like best about being a citizen of Virginia?  That’s easy.  The state doesn’t care if I belong to a particular political party or none at all.  Most people in my state don’t appreciate the magnitude of this freedom given to us.  So many states force citizens to declare which party they belong to, meaning they can only vote in that particular primary.  If you decide to be an independent then you usually can’t vote in any primary.  Not so in Virginia, you get to choose which primary you may vote in.  Besides that, it’s none of the state’s business whether I belong to a particular party or not.


I like to think of politics as a coin.  Let’s use the quarter since our first president is on it.  On one side you have the Democrats, the other side Republicans and the side is all of the other parties.  Whatever one party wants, the other party (other side of the coin) resists letting them have.  It’s yes and no, right vs. wrong, heads and tails.  Spin the quarter on the table and I can easily picture the Democrats and Republicans arguing.  What’s best for the American Citizen rarely comes into play (and the voters fuel this mentality).  Too many people think “I’m a Democrat/Republican first, American second”.


If we held our elected officials accountable, kept true to our own beliefs and voted based on the individuals merits then I think we would have a more robust democracy and get far more achieved for the greater good.  Place the good of the country and it’s citizens first, the interests of the political parties 2nd, 3rd or maybe further than that 🙂

That’s what is on the mind of one non-affiliated voter from Kentucky Avenue in the smallest city in Virginia, Norton.  See you soon!