Well I braved terrible road conditions and freezing weather to reach the mile high summit of Roan Mountain.  The road had been scraped at some point in time so instead of 2 feet of snow on the road there was about a foot instead.  Driving up the side of the mountain (very slowly in 4WD) I kept wondering…”Are there guard rails buried under the snow?”.  It was seriously that bad (easily the worst road conditions I had ever driven on).  Luckily it was also a ton of fun driving up too.
I passed one vehicle going down and the dude raised his hand in recognition.  It was a salute of mutual respect.  He knew what I was going through to get to the top of the mountain and what I was soon to find.

The beauty of frozen nature and icy cold winds sculpting two feet of snow one mile high in the air.

Thank goodness for that underarmor!!!


Very very deep snow!