I have decided to begin a new project for my blog and my life.  In addition to attending services at my local church (Norton Presbyterian Church) I will visit churches across our great nation.  I will start out visiting other churches in my immediate area then as time allows, visit those further away.

What I hope to achieve by doing this.

  •  To fellowship, unite and connect with believers from diverse backgrounds, denominations, social standings and ways of life.
  •  To encourage others and receive encouragement so that our faith may grow.

The apostles traveled to teach and provide guidance during the infancy of our religion.  I would emulate that same attitude but for the purposes identified above.

It is always a wonderful experience to meet new and exciting people.

I would love to visit your church and eagerly await an invitation.  🙂

That’s what is on the mind of one individual from Kentucky Avenue in the smallest city in Virginia, Norton.  See you soon!