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What we have today is the choice
to shed the mundane wrappings
of an average life
and live according to our true desires, our heart of hearts
to pursue righteousness and give aid to those in need
whatever that need may be
rising above our former selves, stepping beyond self erected barriers
for our own betterment and the betterment of others

or to slip into quiet obscurity
never daring the chance to make a difference in this world
no matter how small that difference may seem

no good deed is ever fruitless nor is it insignificant


That’s what is on the mind of one individual from Kentucky Avenue in the smallest city in Virginia, Norton.  See you soon!

Dear Autumn

Bright green you reach forth toward the sun, letting it drench you in it’s warm rays.  You stretch further each day, growing every so slowly.  Soon the sun becomes too much to bear and you feel weary.

Then the rain comes and on you lands a single drop.  Smoothly you let it roll down your surface until it hangs only by the tip.  Gravity tugs gently and it falls to the ground.  The water has renewed you, reinvigorated you.

The process is repeatedly countless times until…….

The morning turns crisp and cold.  You are yet strong and full of life.  The chill air will not defeat you.

The days begin to shorten and you stretch longingly toward the sun, hoping to catch those last few rays of the day.  Shorter and shorter the days become.  Your strength follows suit.

Your edges become wrinkled, the first signs of age.  You knew it would come but could do nothing to deter it.  Should you be angry or despair at your youth slipping from you?  The rules of life are not given to you to change as you see fit.  They are fair and unbiased.  You relent and embrace your future.

Yellows soon emerge on your flawless green skin.  Soon to follow are oranges of many hues then bright reds.  Truly you have become a thing of great beauty, surpassing the green of your youth.  Onlookers gaze and point, admiring you and sing your praises.  It is if a greater painter, with the world as his canvas has changed his palette to include a multitude of colors.

Then one day, your grasp weakens just enough and you slip from the branch.  Gently you glide down, bourne by a light breeze.  Below you see those who came before you gathered close together on the ground.  Soon there will be rest and the beauty of your final days will be merged with others upon the forest floor.

In days to come, others will follow your path on the very same branch.  They too will grow and experience the wonders of life and in the end have their glory revealed to all.

This is a poem written by one individual from Kentucky Avenue in the smallest city in Virginia, Norton.  See you soon!


What is any relationship without acceptance?

For truly all of us are not without our faults and quirks.

Are you one who says, “You must change this for us to be friends?”.


Are you one who says, “I accept you as you are, faults and merits alike?”.

For how can a relationship last when you cannot let go of that compulsion to change?

It will gnaw at you every minute of every day, never letting you have peace.

Rather than seek change, love the person for who they are knowing they are not perfect.

Then you might have a relationship built upon solid stone, such that turbulent times and terrible arguments cannot tear you apart.

Endless Summer

She lounges by the pond, a serene figure painted onto Summer’s canvas
Slowly she stretches forth her hand to touches the still waters, sending ripples across its surface
In the disturbed water comes the reflection of a young man, handsomely dressed
She looks up to him as he offers his hand
She accepts it and rises forth from the green grass
Slowly they walk ‘neath a golden sun and talk of small things, unimportant things
In the distance a dog tumbles down a hill then sets off at a run
They smile and continue walking on
Their hands soon meet as they turn to face one another
The sun begins to set behind them, a background of bright reds, oranges and pinks
Faces so close now their lips almost touch
Staring intently they delve deep into each others eyes, each others soul
There is no doubt or confusion, they love each other
They kiss, holding tightly to each others hands

They are young, with few troubles or cares
For them eternity begins with soft-spoken words, a kiss and promises of a future shared together

We Own the Night

The following is a rough draft so please be critical of it.  It needs improvement.  What I’m trying to accomplish is to get people to think outside their mundane lives and see the magic everywhere in our world.  The simple things in life can make us happy if we’ll take the time to take a second look, a different look at our world.

The night is not easily tamed.  It will only yield itself to those who understand it’s potential, the raw emotion it conjures in the human spirit.  Those who fear the night have no hope.  Those who tolerate it are lost.  Those who embrace it…..

A red blur in the night and he is gone.  Street lights flicker and yellow caution lights blink.  The lights of the city reflect and bend across the curves of the car.  He passes by late night revelers who do not understand.  The road is the answer.  Onward past tall buildings and bright neon signs.  The night hides the imperfections of the city, letting it’s true colors spring forth.  Blues, reds, greens and yellows and then they are gone.

The open road lies ahead and another world awaits.  A darker world, a world of imagination.  One in which the human soul knows no bounds.  Where it is not constrained to concrete and locked rooms.  The open sky will set you free.

A quick stop and down come the windows.  Next is the top, drawing him ever closer to the night.  Now there are no impediments, obstacles to keep him from embracing it.  A soft breeze blows across the seats.  1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th then 5th and he is a blur again.  A red bullet outracing the wind.  Soon again he must stop.  One cannot be selfish and understand what the night offers.  It can only be understood, experienced in the company of others.

A house on the right with an orange porch light on.  Waiting, somehow knowing he would arrive she comes forward.  A mischievous smile appears on her face as he opens the passenger’s door.  She slides in, giving him a penetrating look.  A look that says there is no past or future only the present and the night.  She plants a quick kiss on his cheek and they drive off.

High overhead a bright full moon looks down upon the two and bathes them in soft white light.  The multitude of stars give definition to the night sky.  Cool air whips around the car and sets her hair in motion. It obeys, moving in time with the wind.  They become speed, become one and embrace the night.

Nothing is denied them, they cannot be stopped.  Reason is obsolete, replaced entirely by passion.  Another kiss and they ride off to somewhere, nowhere or everywhere.  The night submits to them both.  They are its master, going where they will, when they will.  The wind obeys them, the stars and moon give their blessing.  They pass no others, yet are never alone.

There is no future only the present, the night and love.

Hello world!

Thanks to everyone viewing my blog for the first time.  I’ll try to do daily posts but don’t get angry if a day or two lapses between updates.  For today I’m going to post some poetry I’ve had written for quite some time.  Check back tomorrow morning for something interesting.  Enjoy!


I saw you come into existence

A frail thing, tiny and weak

What would you do with your life

What work would you accomplish

I knew your potential, your ferociousness

It is who you are, unescapable

Destined for great deeds, terrible deeds

I saw you grow fast

Strong and bright

Easily eclipsing all others around you

Brighter than your peers

Your spirit, sometimes wavering, never breaking

Opportunities were all around, endless

You grabbed them with wild abandon

Using them to grow ever stronger

Caring not for what was left in your wake


Others try to contain you, to beat you back, to drown you out

But you’ve come too far, grown too powerful, too singleminded

Only one thing can stop you

That unfathomable force that spawned you

Death comes slowly

Weaker you become and less vibrant

The pursuits of the young are no longer attainable

Your future is as certain as your current existence

Slowly, ever slowly back to that frail thing, tiny and weak

A slight gust of wind and only this remains