Memorial day for me involved work and in a few minutes, mowing the grass.  I’m sure many other people will be having much more entertaining days than me but I did however just finish with a fantastic week with some great people.
Everything started with seeing Neon Trees Saturday in Knoxville Tn with the girl that I love.  They put on a great show and I believe we both had a fantastic time!  Afterwards we took the (way too long) drive to Florida to spend the week with my family.  We both had a blast there as well, spending hours in the ocean, swimming in the pool, driving with the top down, playing with my nieces and eating way too much seafood.  I guess I should correct that and say we ate a lot of seafood.  One can never have too much fresh seafood 🙂
For the last two days of the week we spent time with her family camping.  It was nice to get away from everyone and just take it easy.  We went fishing, riding four wheelers, played cornhole, badmitton, ate smores around a campfire and shot some guns.  The only sad thing about it was that I had to cut it short and leave really early on Monday morning to get back in time for work.
Overall I had one of the best weeks I’ve had in a long long time.  Even though I had a blast seeing my family and visiting hers it was the simple fact that I got to spend time with my girlfriend that made it such a special trip.  I feel truly blessed and hope everyone that reads this had a great Memorial Day Weekend!